Maggie started drawing and painting early in life supported by her parents, who noticed a natural artistic inclination in her. She took art classes learning drawing, watercolor, oil painting, a bit of pastel, and tempera - everything that the art school offered. But when it came to choosing a career, Maggie opted for her other passion - literature, and languages, and she became a teacher.


Painting has never deserted her, and when the life circumstances permitted, she returned to the old love. Maggie continued to practice and improve her artistic skills by attending art classes and workshops with Rita Shellard, Nicole Dorion, Josie Rinoldo, Antoine Cadieux, Micheline Lamarre Hadjis.

Maggie's paintings are figurative, figurative-abstract, and abstract, with a slight touch of fauvism and impressionism. She favors pure colors, deep contrasts, texture, as well as pastels and smooth transitions. Her favorite medium is oil, that she uses mostly in her figurative painting. Lately, she has started to paint her abstracts in acrylic, watercolor, ink with alcohol, or using the stained glass technique.

Irrespective of the medium chosen, Maggie's paintings range from landscapes, still life, flowers, fruits, abstracts, and portraits. She draws her inspiration from the immediate world and people around her, memories of places visited, delicate traits and feelings of human nature. Her eyes will be always searching for beauty and sensitivity; her brush will follow what heart and mind choose. She paints happily and wishes the viewers shared her passion and enjoyed her art.


Maggie is a member of the Kirkland Artists Association and The Artists Circle of the West Island; she has also participated in several art exhibitions.She lives in Montreal,Canada.



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